Owners only

The Owners Only Benefit Plan™

As a business owner, you need an exit strategy. Whether you sell the business or transition it to the next generation, your retirement security should not be tied to the future performance of the company.

The Owners Only Benefit Plan was developed to recognize the risk/reward commitment that you, the business owner, undertakes, and to provide a supplemental retirement program for your exclusive benefit. These programs are non-qualified, meaning that the owner intentionally forgoes a current tax deduction and, therefore, the IRS allows the implementation of selective benefit programs for the owners and other key individuals.

Your company retains complete control of the plan assets. These assets are liquid and will not impact your borrowing, loan covenants, bonding requirements, etc. Plan performance is backed by a $240 billion insurance company.

How it works

The plan segregates a portion of the cash on your financial statements and allocates it to an account for you to use, at your discretion, to supplement your retirement, provide flexibility to your exit strategy, assist in transferring the business to the next generation, etc. The plans are straightforward – easy to set up and easy to administer.

For more information about the Owners Only program, email Tom or call him directly at 978-927-2008.