Our Expertise


Whether your life insurance is for business planning or for family security, buying life insurance is a demonstration of your commitment to the important people in your life. Life insurance provides cash when it’s needed most to help meet your planning objectives and fulfill the commitments you have made with respect to your business and/or your family. Our responsibility is to provide confidence that your existing policies or your new policies are properly designed, aligned, and competitively priced using the financially strongest insurance companies.

Policy review

Our Policy Alignment Report is a proprietary tool we use to compare existing insurance policies with new options to identify policy opportunities that are more in sync with your current requirements. Read more.

Life insurance planning

While the marketplace for life insurance companies and products continues to change dramatically, the reasons for buying life insurance have not. Read more.

Policy management

Life insurance is not a “set it and forget it” proposition. That’s why the Bishop Company offers comprehensive, ongoing policy management to ensure its clients’ expectations and financial needs are being served by the in-force policy. Read more.

Challenging medical issues

Whatever challenges a client might have in their past or present medical profile, the Bishop Company has a unique ability to to secure life insurance coverage. Read more.